Fed bucks for Austin urban rail no slam dunk

Fed bucks for Austin urban rail no slam dunk

For the very largest projects, with total costs of $1 billion or more, the federal share has fallen even further, to an average of about 33 percent per project,” testified Peter Rogoff, who was then the head of the Federal… more

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October 21, 2014
austin's proposition 1

Why Start-ups Should Not Support Austin’s Proposition 1


Cory Brown, speaking Austin’s tech language at LocalMustard.com:

Tech companies often use the term “minimum viable product”. Releasing an MVP allows you to get feedback and guidance from a sample set of… more

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October 14, 2014
project connect marketing campaign

Is the Project Connect Marketing Campaign going too far?

This is a part of a letter AURA recently wrote to the CapMetro Board:

As taxpayers and transit advocates, we are concerned about the expenditure of public money for this campaign-related advertising. While the… more

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July 15, 2014
image via KVUE-TV

Where will the urban rail Park and Ride be located?

Dave Dobbs and Lyndon Henry, on AustinRailNow.com, recently wrote:

You have to put your transit station, with park & ride (P&R) access, near the outer end of the traffic jam. You don’t have to be a transportation savant… more

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July 14, 2014
from marcus denton

Why do pro-transit advocates oppose Austin’s urban rail plan?

Mike Dahmus, posted a letter to City Council he recently wrote:

Despite what you hear from Project Connect, this is not simply a matter of wanting rail on Guadalupe and Lamar first. Those of us involved in transit… more

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June 25, 2014
this is an image of San Antonio's via streetcar public hearing. sourced from austinrailnow.wordpress.com

Will Austin City Council host an urban rail town hall meeting?

Bill Oakey, writing at Austin Affordability:

On Thursday June 26, the Austin City Council is set to make one of the biggest decisions in modern Austin history. They will vote on a resolution to approve the… more

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June 20, 2014
will urban rail in austin make congestion worse

Would urban rail in Austin make street congestion worse ?

Adam Mann, writing at Wired:

The answer has to do with what roads allow people to do: move around. As it turns out, we humans love moving around. And if you expand people’s ability to travel, they will do… more

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June 19, 2014
austin urban rail proposed cost compared to bus

If Austin built buses instead of urban rail, how many would ride?

Check out this urban rail data from Julio Gonzalez at Keep Austin Wonky:

The second problem with the growth-ex-machina argument is that it doesn’t examine the marginal improvement in ridership compared to BRT or… more

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June 18, 2014
project connect public outreach budget

How much was budgeted for Project Connect public outreach?

Terrance Henry, reporting for KUT about Project Connect public outreach:

Overall, Project Connect has $270,000 budgeted for “education and outreach” about the proposed rail project, with additional funds ready if… more

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June 17, 2014
austin urban rail project cost broken down by segment

What are the arguments for the Austin urban rail project?

Julio Gonzalez writing at Keep Austin Wonky:

For starters, instead of pursuing rail from Grove-Highland, we could instead do much, much cheaper BRT. By Project Connect’s own estimates – even with their high… more

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June 12, 2014